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Project Tango by Google is going to run bots in space

Project Tango is powered by Google and it is an experimental Android based smartphone revealed by the Google which carries 3D sensors. The ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) crew ...

How to Turn off android phone by sending SMS

Want to turn off Mobile phone by sending SMS,its quite fun is it. You are in some were out and forgotten your Phone or your phone is locked in Office and want to save your android ...

New Flickr Mobile lets you record videos like Instagram

The Yahoo updated the Flickr app for phones and tablets with iOS (iPhone and iPad, both Apple) on Thursday, leading to record videos as in Instagram for image service. Besides ...

Facebook warns you when friends are nearby

The Facebook presented on Thursday (17) a new service that sends notification on the mobile every time that a friend is nearby.   Called “Nearby Friends”, the tool ...
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QR Code Generator with 9 New Features

QR Barcodes are becoming popular now a days.But,Ever taught of how this QR Barcodes are Generated ? QR code Stands for Quick Response Code.This matrix QR codes are being coded with ...

How to remote access PC from android or iphone

How would be it,if we access our PC remotely from anywhere and anytime using android,iPhone or ipad. If you are forgotten to shutdown your PC you can easily shutdown it using your ...

How to increase Subway Surfer Score and Coins Up to 1 Billion!

Every One of us is Playing Subway Surfer and we all know that it has been downloaded by  500 Millions Android User and its hard to get 10 Million Score in Subway Surfer.Want to Increase ...

After ‘Heartbleed’, its recommended to change passwords

The security flaw nicknamed “Heartbleed” is a thing of the gravest already disclosed. Where is the flaw “heartbleed”? Why does it have that name? The gap is ...

Experts give tips to attract followers on Twitter

Whether you’re new to Twitter or a seasoned pro, the announcement this week that the social network will take a new look was a reminder that you need to do everything possible ...

Instagram goes down!

Instagram rummaged out of the air during the morning and afternoon of Saturday (12). Around 13h, the team’s application for sharing photos and videos of the most popular world ...

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